Website Maintenance

You have your hosting, your website, and you are ready to take on the world. But when it comes to maintaining your website you aren’t sure what to do. Just like a car, your website needs regular health checks, updates, and monitoring to ensure it is healthy. Workhorse SEO’s team of dedicated WordPress experts are here for you.

From making sure all your plugins are updated, to using the most current versions of PHP, your website is in good hands.

Reliable Service

Websites are a lot like cars

They require care and upkeep. A well cared for website will run smoothly, year after year. Neglect them and they can crap out on you at the most inconvenient time. There are a lot of ‘moving’ parts to keep a healthy website going. It requires care and maintenance to run smoothly and properly. 

Have confidence in knowing that your online presence is being cared for by your very own team of devoted website mechanics to keep that baby purring.



They are very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend their services

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