This project was for a landscaping client of ours called Grass Kings Landscaping whom we did the website for as well. They specialize in sprinklers install and repair but have recently started doing more landscape design and install.

This business was previously working 100% on spreadsheets before we set them up with and trained them on Jobber. For this workaround, you’ll need at least the middle tier of Jobber or above. We will be utilizing the automatic texting and email features.

  1. Step 1 – Get the link for your Google My Business reviews
    1. This is the link that allows people to put a review on your business with one click
    2. Here’s a link that tells you exactly how to get the referral link for more reviews. (Click Here)
  2. Log in to your jobber account and go to settings
    1. Settings is found by clicking on the gear in the top right corner of the main dashboard screen
  1. Go to the Notifications screen
  1. Edit the follow-up section of the notifications
  1. Change the template wording and include Google Review link
    1. I pretty much changed all the default wording that Jobber had in there. I’ve found that the feedback feature is nice but isn’t all that helpful for clients. They don’t usually go back and look at it. You know what they do look at though? Google reviews. 
    2. Add your review link
    3. Now when any customer pays an invoice, this text or email will be sent to them at a later date and you will likely get more reviews. I’ve seen it work well for our other clients.

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