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01. Strategic

To us, lead generation isn’t just about getting as many visitors to your website as possible. It’s also about reaching the right kind of visitors. We work with you to figure out who the right kind is. 

02. Professional

We pride ourselves on being a web developer that you can actually get ahold of. We try to be very communicative throughout the process and make sure you’re happy with the progress. 

03. Accountable

For SEO and Google Ad Clients, we work on a month to month basis. We report on our progress regularly. If you aren’t getting the results you want, fire us.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Online lead generation through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has proven year-after-year as the best ROI for businesses that want to increase their sales and revenue. It’s a long term game, but well worth the investment. 


Revenue Inrease


Client Satisfaction

A Team Of Professionals

Grayson Allen

Project Manager/Systems Engineer

My background is in manufacturing of all things. Everything is a process, even your website. I love helping make your website and systems seamless and effortless. 

Cameron Harman

Software Engineer

It is immensely satisfying and fulfilling to help businesses succeed. Using my skill set to do so is a blessing.

Workhorse SEO & Web Development

Workhorse SEO and Web Development grew from a desire to be a web development firm that is easy to work with. We’ve had our fair share of sour interactions with web developers and we were so tired of it that we started our own company. 

We believe a company’s website can be a huge factor in their success – even if a company gets most of their leads from referrals. It should be easy to contact you. It should be easy to vet you and check credentials to feel confident in you. It should be easy to find you on Maps and Search. Additionally, it should also be easy to work with your web developer to make all that happen. Taking advantage of online digital marketing can seem like a daunting task but if we do out jobs right, it’s a breeze.

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