1. Get an actual gmail with your domain
    1. It’s like $6 a month/user – well worth it. People notice when your email is from @gmail.com or your company @workhorseintegration.com
  2. Get a Google My Business profile
    1. Get a Google My Business profileAnd then actually fill it out – add your services, add your hours, add a logo and cover photo, and most importantly put your phone number and email.
    2. Google My Business is part of the Google search engine. It’s how your business shows up on maps and featured snippets
  3. Ask for and respond to reviews
    1. I once had a client tell me they were too scared to ask for reviews in fear that it would get worse. There’s so much to unpack there but I will say 2-4 star people don’t really care enough to leave a review. And 1-star people are angry and motivated. So you should do everything you can to give the 5-star people a chance to make their voice heard. It adds up quick. And remember, every part of Google is a search engine.
    2. If you’re looking for a software to help with this, I actually really like Podium but it is admittedly a bit pricey.
  4. Get a professional website
    1. You may not need anything crazy custom and that’s ok. 
    2. It’s not hard to make a quick landing page with your business info. It really just needs to have your info, hours, company name, etc
    3. Use Carrd for a single landing page
    4. If you have sort of a design eye – use squarespace
    5. If you have no design whatsoever, hire us. We’ll get it done and it will look good.
  5. Get a professional logo
    1. I’d get a Canva account and just make a quick and clean one
    2. Other option is using fivver or upwork
    3. The best option I’d say is just pay the money for a graphic designer – a good logo is so convenient. Makes it easy to put on printed materials, shirts, banners, etc and then a transparent vector image (like a png) for your website. Nothing is worse than getting a jpg with a white background – if you need graphic designer references, reach out, we know someone.
  6. Take some pictures of your work
    1. Before and afters go a long way
    2. Use Cases and examples sell themselves – especially when you add them to your website or Google My Business listing
    3. Get a good picture of the work truck and crew while you’re at it
  7. Bill online
    1. I know they take a percent of the sale but time and convenience speaks volumes.
    2. I will happily do business again with someone that sends me a payment link and a professional invoice directly to my email than someone I have to pay with cash or card over the phone