Some people think it’s easy to build a website. There are more website developer tools available ¬†than ever before to help non-coders build a website. These tools allow you to drag and drop pictures, text, buttons and anything else you might need to build a professional looking website, right? The truth is that these tools often use templates that are generic (read: boring), and not specifically designed to meet your business’s needs. Web development requires behind the scenes coding that’s done by skilled web developers. There are plenty of DIY projects that you can tackle all by yourself; but today I’m going to give you 10 reasons why building your business’s website should not be one of them.

Reason #1: Customization

Free website templates and DIY web builders cannot be customized, are pretty basic, and are far from interactive. If you wanted to add any extra feature or additional content, a basic website template or web builder wouldn’t give you that option. There is a much bigger issue, though, if you think you’re the first person to benefit from a free website builder, think again. There are thousands of other companies that have made the mistake of using the same, boring, generic template you’re looking at. Now you’re stuck with a website that looks just like everyone else’s. Not very unique.

Reason #2: Efficiency

Web development is hard work, learning how to do it properly takes a long time, especially if you want to build a great looking website. If you’re not a professional web developer, the hours upon hours you spend trying to ‘figure it out’ could be more efficiently spent generating business and growing your client base. Save yourself the time, money, and (to be perfectly honest) the headache and let someone else with experience and knowledge build it for you.

Reason #3: Professionalism

This one is pretty simple. A website made by an experienced web developer will always look way more professional than a DIY templated website.

Reason #4: Search Engine Optimization

Good ol’ SEO, that mysterious, all-powerful force that seemingly makes or breaks an online business. We all know what it is and understand why it’s important, but do you know how to set it up? You could have to most beautifully designed website in the world but it might as well not exist if you don’t have any SEO implementation. SEO allows exposure of your website to potential clients, something that’s pretty crusial for business. Your website needs to be appealing not just to visitors, but to search engines like Google as well. The fact of the matter is that Google does not crawl DIY sites; they’re too busy ranking properly optimized web pages and sites. See how Workhorse SEO can help you today!

Reason #5: Not Google Friendly

With a DIY site builder, Google can’t veryify your site in Webmaster Tools. Google uses complex algorithms that might be too advanced for some people, but for a professional web developer who uses Google Webmaster Toos or Google Analytics, it can be used to monitor site downtime, crawl rates, bounce rate, broken links, search traffic and a whole lot more.

Reason #6: Poor Analytics

Older scripting technologies (which are often used by DIY site builders) have inaccurate site analytical tools. Site analytics reports give an overall picture of the health of your websites performance and traffic. With proper analytics set up, you can create regular reports, notes, suggestions, and more that can explain how your site is doing to stay current and fixes you might need to make.

Reason #7: Mobile Unfriendly

Self-built sites that don’t have a lot of databesses or graphics typically aren’t mobile friendly. Most people that browse the internet do so on their phones and if your website isn’t properly responsive, then you are missing out on a lot of potential leads. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, search engines like Google will go so far as to keep your website from even showing up in search results.

Reason #8: Faster Is Always Better

The #1 predictor of a high bounce rate for a website (the number of potential leads that click on your website only to go back to the search engine without exploring your site further) is speed. In fact, Google has outright stated that a major component of search optimization is the performance of a website (both for desktop as well as mobile). The faster your website loads, the better. However, because DIY builders are so generic and top heavy, they are hardly optimized for quick load times. A professional web developer can ‘trim the fat’ from your website, leaving it fast, functional, and performing at its’ best. I have yet to come across a default template that comes close to performant speeds.

Reason #9: Advertisements

If you’re a fan of those nice big banner ads that say “THIS SITE WAS CREATED BY FREEWEBSITES.COM! GET YOUR FREE WEBSITE TODAY!” By all means, go for the free template route. It looks unprofessional and makes your business look cheap.

Reason #10: Experience

You love your business and you provide a dang good experience. A supportive and dedicated team of professionals like Workhorse SEO will have your back. We have every reason to help your business succeed, because when you succeed, we succeed. If you would like to set up a free consultation with the best website developers in Mesa, please contact us today!

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